Rock Climbing Training

Training Summary

Learn to sports climb outdoors in a safe and fun way while discovering different areas in Lebanon through a sport which can be practiced all year long.
Advance in your rock climbing hobby and become a rock climber with outdoor climbing sessions and a theoretical session. Each session focuses on a new objective; you'll master top rope climbing, lead climbing, belaying, cleaning up anchors, and all safety measures.Furthermore you’ll be given 1 yoga, 1 fitness, and 1 breathing sessions. With commitment and practice you will become a better climber! You'll need approximately 2 month duration to finish your training.

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Depends on personal progression. 2 months usually can get up to 1 year untill you reach the required level of safely climbing with a partner without assistance.


Location depends upon the weather, season and level of participants on the specified day. Jezzine, Tannourine al tahta, Tefehat Tannourine, Harisset Tannourine, daichouniye, Laklouk and others.

Climbing Style

Sports climbing mainly; some bouldering sessions and deep water soloing sessions might also be scheduled.

Training Details

First session is an outdoor session where you discover the feelings in sports climbing, you’ll be top roping different routes in an ascending grade of difficulty. You’ll be having a first look at knots, belaying techniques and climbing and safety techniques. In this session climbing shoes is not permitted.
Second session is a theoretical session off the rocks. You will have a general idea about safety, types of climbing, equipment etc... Then you’ll continue with the outdoor sessions in different climbing sites across Lebanon. Where you’ll apply what you have learnt in the theoretical session.
You’ll have to purchase your own climbing shoes after the theoretical session, which can be done at our showroom where La Sportiva climbing shoes are available.
You will be given also 3 off the rocks sessions of yoga, fitness training and breathing techniques with the best instructors to help you progress, prevent injury, concentrate and get stronger.
Training duration is dependent on the personnel progression. It is usually 2 months with outdoor climbing sessions taking place twice a week; once on a weekday and once on a weekend. As long as you are committed with the climbing sessions we will still train you as much as needed in order for you to pass the final exams and then be able to practice safely with a partner without a Flying Frog instructor assistance.
Sometimes we climb much more and we combine several climbing days with camping. There is a possibility of private training sessions with modified schedule. All necessary climbing equipment are provided for the first 2 months of training. You can purchase all the equipment you need from our showroom; Singing Rock for ropes, harnesses, helmets, carabiners, chalk and chalk bags etc; Climb On for after climbing skin repair; Makak for training boards and climbing holds.