Multi Pitch Training

Training Summary

Training will be in collaboration with Mountaineering Association of Serbia, between May-23rd night till May-27, including both theoretical and practical sessions which will be held at different climbing sites. Participants will be given certificates of participation. Those who succeed in the written and practical exams, attend the medical seminar, and present a valid first aid training certificate will be granted certificate of completion.

Contact Info:+961 76 495495


A test will be performed for all climbers wishing to enroll in this training before 23rd of May. 1-2 sessions of preparation will be given before the dates of the training to ensure minimum level required by participants

Training Details

Some of the objectives that will be covered in the training
  • Applicants Assesment
  • Basic lead climbing
  • Proper belaying technique, practice, catching falls
  • Knots
  • Rappeling
  • Building Anchors, managing site
  • Gear for multipitch
  • Belaying on Multi-Pitch
  • Rope Management
  • What If discussion
  • Transition speed and navigation
  • Rescue concepts and rules
  • Rescue, Maneuvers
  • Practical and written exam
  • Final sent, multi-pitch climb